Monday, June 8, 2009


Where he shows up
any, no all those harmonies.
How else would it seem to be
that my buddy-Die O Nicest.

hear that song, he's out
you heard that unexplained
that should not be.
It should be she.

It was war with HER
that I had to do.
There is one half missing
from the two volumes.

So let it be seem
as your De Chardin
that all points to
the it being there

Those who were my buddies
and who would defend.
Each one untrained,
will be deceived.

To follow the Ball
yes, yes out of
the known circles
from the tails of old.

Carry you down deeper
into your ground.
yourground won't hold
your thought-nirvana.

Your heartbreak is mine
didn't you think I knew.
Not up to me where
I come near.

How to reach her mind
what she fails to find
makes this so difficult.
Justice, a blind woman?

Melody, like a dream
to change just a little.
Bit as to forget
when hemispheres circle.

aposing force to
keep the collision.
your best machine?
connected EKG's.

That's why leith had to leave.
Then call me back to be again
to wallow in destinies
as heels rise for me.

The suffering must wear
the crown of creation
cause there's no place to got
Don't say no bugs or rocks.

Seem's to be four volumes
to enter the spine.
Yes, a different path for some,
to give up their mind.

for just fantastic plastic
she would give it a try.
Tri tips the latch
eat my sheep.