Thursday, May 14, 2009


Let the lairs play their tune
the sound makes silent my steps.
Aiming for what makes them bleed
they hit my mothers shield.

To know the valley never ends,
run as fast as you like
around each tree you find
as it's leaves bury you, again.

No way out so without saying
no way in, but a car would be nice.
The diamond of Juny cuts glass.
and through unlike Alice i go.

For now it's time to mirror both.
This is no mystery, note a chinese box.
Just watch the flower open
The bells open for you.

Pulled into a game, off the bench
what choice did I have left
but to play my cards outside
of time, and move outside of space.

Mispronounce the ones invited
to your door, to the ball,
just to watch their faces
like Hamlet plays his quest.

So it's way a play in a play,
in a play, in a play, in a play.
Yes, to love wisely is true love.
To act unwisely, love no excuse.

Let the wolves take one or two.
If we walk further
you maybe one, or two
The facts weighed by reflection.

The truth is weightless
like the earth around the sun.
What could be in most perfect
balance but what is.

Last dance to have no record
to ask no questions
to seek no proof
to let it lie.

Easily discouraged am I,
so I think, best to float
with the tide, a message
in a bottle for some to see.

So if you choose ask me ally
in darkness is the dreamed seen.
Please, Please listen to me
let it be a mystery.

Watch, Listen, feel Cleo
she will tell you so.
If you don't let go
of secrets you know. 

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